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"Coffee and Espresso Martinis, prepared by our baristas, at your event."


Our mobile barista bars can bring exactly the same TWOFIFTY coffee experience to your event, exhibition, launch party or office, where our highly trained baristas will serve our speciality coffee.

Whether your event is for twenty people or two hundred, we use the same equipment, coffee beans and milks as we use in our stores, and the same highly trained baristas as in our own locations around Dublin.

We can provide coffee to indoor or outdoor events of any size to anywhere in Ireland. Events can be TWOFIFTY branded or unbranded, or white-labelled with your own brand. We can provide plain or TWOFIFTY branded cups, or help you with custom cups featuring your own brand.

We can serve coffee and Espresso Martinis. We use exactly the same coffee, milk and all other products as in the TWOFIFTY locations around Dublin. Simple execution - we bring along everything we need for the event in one van, we just need add a single regular powerpoint, and a nearby tap for water. Our events are fully health and safety compliant, and fully insured.

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